Allan Walsh

Blood Rage Series Boxed Set

Book 1 — Blood and Fear. A Short Story.

Can Siobhan live with the fear of a monster growing inside her?

Siobhan O’Lorcan is a girl growing up in a loving home. Her world that comes crashing down when her village is attacked by Krags — a fierce race of mountain people. After losing everything, she never dreamed that things could get worse.

Blood and Fear is a fantasy short story and first book in the Blood Rage series. Siobhan O’Lorcan will endure hardship, battle her inner demons, and strive to overcome adversity in this inspiring story by Allan Walsh.

Book 2 — The Crimson Guild. A Novella.

Can Conall find acceptance in a world where people fear what he is?

Conall O’Lorcan is no ordinary lad. There is magic inside of him, but there is also something… more. Cast out of his home, he is forced to seek a new life where nobody knows his secrets. Conall finds solace when he is recruited into a guild of thieves, but can it last? After all, secrets like his are hard to hide.
The Crimson Guild is a fantasy novella and second book in the Blood Rage series, featuring compelling characters, an interesting storyline and a gritty dog-eat-dog world. You’ll be thoroughly entertained right to the end of this coming-of-age adventure by Allan Walsh.

Book 3 — Blood Rage. A Novel.

Would you expose your darkest secret to save a kingdom?

Conall O'Lorcan is a thief plagued by the secrets of his past — dark secrets that people would fear; secrets he himself fears. When he accepts a job from a mysterious baron his life spirals into turmoil. The fate of the realm will be decided by his actions. Will Conall face his fears in an effort to set things right?

Blood Rage is the third book in the Blood Rage fantasy series. If you like action packed adventure, mind bending pagan magic, and mythical celtic creatures, then you'll love Blood Rage by Allan Walsh.

Grab the series and join the adventure today!
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Allan Walsh



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