Brian James Abelson DC.,Kamali Thara Abelson BSc.

Exercises for the Jaw to Shoulder – Release Your Kinetic Chain

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Release Your Kinetic Chain with Exercises for the Jaw to Shoulder – EBOOK
This book can help you to rapidly rehabilitate, heal, and restore the tissues of your head, jaw, neck, shoulders and core with its intelligently designed, easy-to-follow exercise routines! It is an ideal tool if you suffer from headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain.
Written for the general public, by the internationally best-selling authors of ‘Release Your Pain’, this EBOOK version is fully HYPERLINKED, from its detailed table of contents, to the comprehensive index, and to all the exercise routines in this book. So you can quickly and easily navigate to all the topics that most interest you. Best of all, you can enjoy its full-color format, and view all the numerous illustrations and exercises as they are meant to be seen..
The exercise routines in this book activate your entire 'kinetic chain', from your jaw to your shoulder, and even into your core! You can use these hyperlinked routines to recover from injuries to the jaw, neck, or shoulder, including:

TMJ- Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.
Pain in jaw and neck after dental work.
Restricted movement of the jaw or neck.
Frequent ear-aches.
Clicking, grinding, or popping sounds in the jaw.
Frequent headaches.
Neck pain.
Shoulder pain (due to injury, stress, or trauma).
Rotator cuff injuries.
Whiplash injuries.
Other Injuries to the soft tissues of the jaw, neck, or shoulder.

If you suffer from jaw, neck, or shoulder pain, your physician may recommend exercise as part of your treatment.

But which exercise?
How do you find exercises that help to resolve your condition?

For example, with a jaw injury, exercising only the jaw muscles won’t resolve your problem. In fact, it may even make the pain worse. This is often because all the surrounding muscles and tissues of the neck and shoulders are also restricted or injured – but may not be exhibiting pain syndromes. These other soft-tissue structures could quite likely be the cause of the pain in your jaw!
Our primary objective with rehabilitation is to increase muscular endurance and neurological motor control. With rehabilitation routines, we always work within a pain-free zone…essentially a zone of safety where you can bring your injured areas back to normal activity. You will find that the Beginner and Intermediate routines expect you to work within this pain-free rehabilitative zone. The Advanced routines will help to transition you into the Performance or Athletic arenas.

Rather than working with only the single area of injury, the exercise routines in this book treat your body as a dynamic web of interconnected links – a kinetic chain.
The exercise programs in the ‘Release Your Kinetic Chain’ books use step-by-step routines that take into consideration kinetic chain relationships, tissue interactions, core imbalances, elastic power, and aerobic training.
We strive to give you a balanced means of achieving a good strong body that is injury-free. Since injury or weakness in one area of your body always affects the function of numerous other related areas, we designed our routines to take into account direct muscular connections, muscle antagonists, fascial connections, as well as the fact that tissue restrictions often affect the primary mechanisms of energy storage and release.

Too often, we find our patients and athletes jumping into the advanced, intensive stages of exercise before establishing needed ground work. This rushed approach often leads to more injuries and an accompanying lack of performance. The Release Your Kinetic Chain series of exercise books takes a functional approach to exercise. With this approach, we give you step-by-step recommendations to help you move through the rehabilitation phase of an exercise program to prepare you for the performance phase.
This book (and its sister books) have two basic objectives:

The first objective is to help you rehabilitate your body after an injury (or long period of inactivity) and prepare it for more intensive exercise programs.

The second objective is to help you prepare your body so that it is ready for sport or athletic performance training.

Our exercise routines always take into consideration a key fundamental aspect of good rehabilitation – Kinetic Chain Relationships. Since injury or weakness in one area of your body always affects the function of numerous other related areas, we ensure that our routines take into account direct muscular connections, muscle antagonists, fascial connections, as well as the fact that tissue restrictions affect the primary mechanisms of energy storage and release
Developed by the internationally best-selling authors of ‘Release Your Pain ’, these exercise routines – when performed on their own, or when combined with a treatment modality – will help you to take a key step towards resolving long-standing soft-tissue injuries and neuromuscular problems of your head, jaw, neck, and shoulders.
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