Lynn Carroll

Maggie's Fat Assets

What do you get when you take a pinch of spicy, a dash of sultry, and a whole lot of lust? You get Maggie Walters’ secret recipe to a steamy marriage! And she isn’t ready to stop there. Her sexuality has kicked into overdrive after marrying the man of her dreams, Andrew Spencer the Third.
She thought she had the perfect marriage. To Maggie, she and Andrew’s spark seemed to sizzle, while her other friends’ relationships seemed to crumble and fail. She was on top of her fantasy world, especially being able to keep the honeymoon fires stoked with games of Naked Runway, and her effervescent thirst for sneaky sex. But as of late, Andrew’s zest has begun to fade. With more ‘frequent’ business trips, he is beginning to play the lethargic husband. What’s more, his removal of interest for any type of sexual entertainment has put Maggie into a tailspin of doubt, suspicion, and frustration. But she is one to never give up, even if that means kicking every do-nothing relationship to the curb and focusing on reinventing herself.
In this hilarious romp, Maggie’s journey to self-discovery will take you through ups and downs as this cynical, snarky, cake-eating woman weeds through her controlling parents, shifty husband, and a mysterious friend to take her obnoxious life to new heights.
323 printed pages
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