Gary Caplan

Clues of Chaos

Clues of Chaos is honored as an 2015 International Book Awards Finalist in the “Fiction: Cross Genre” category.
After the mysterious death of a senator's sister in the country of Megalos, master wizard Leozanthicus is tasked with solving her heinous murder and retrieving weapons stolen from her estate. After recruiting loyal companions—including a Dawn Knight and a Mystic Knight—to join him, the group embarks on a quest to discover the truth behind the chilling attack.
But their investigation only leads to more questions and takes a harrowing turn when they discover that the Chaos Warriors—an ancient enemy of more than just Megalos—are mounting a large-scale assault.
As Leo closes in on the truth, more and more enemies surface as he uncovers a sinister conspiracy behind the planned invasion of the Chaos Warriors.
Forging ahead with assistance from a race of star people known as the Quarran, Leo discovers shocking evidence that proves the Chaos Warrior attack is far more imminent—and far more dangerous—than previously believed.
As treachery begets more treachery, Leo and his allies find themselves in a race against time to save their world against the Chaos Warriors and their evil horde.
Part mystery, part fantasy, Clues of Chaos is brimming with suspense and adventure that will have you racing to the end yourself.
242 printed pages
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