Brian Bailie

Bible Nuts and Bolts: Key Bible Topics Simply Explained

If you are seeking a clearer understanding of some Bible subjects, this little book has been compiled to help you put things into context, join the dots, and bring clarity to help you understand the good message that God has for you.
Thirty Bible topics are explained with the use of biblical quotations taken from five different English translations of the Bible, ensuring clarity of language and compelling scriptural verification of the truth.
Have you ever wondered:-
If God is love, why is there so much suffering in the world?
What is going to happen to my soul when I die?
Why did God give his Son as a sacrifice?
What is the Lord's Supper all about?
Should I be baptised?
Where is heaven?
What is hell?
This book is an attempt to spread a clearer understanding of the Bible, helping you to realise the wonderful truth of the good message.
182 printed pages
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