Edgcumbe Staley

The Tragedies of the Medici

281 printed pages
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  • Dariahas quoted7 years ago
    Alexandre Dumas has well summed up the character of Cosimo de' Medici: "He had," he says, "all the vices which rendered his private life sombre, and all the virtues which made his life in public renowned for splendour; whilst his family experienced unexampled misfortune, his people rejoiced in prosperity and gladness."
  • Dariahas quoted7 years ago
    This prince possessed all the worst points of a Renaissance tyrant, and was "a monster of vices and virtues": perhaps he was insane, at all events, Caterina was accustomed to speak of him as "Uno Fantastico!"
  • Dariahas quoted7 years ago
    once his battle-banner was unfurled with the black pennon of his redoubtable father, numbers of old campaigners hastened to his support.
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