Emma Ashe

Deeper Than Desire

What if I could make her mine?
Finn: I’m in love with my best friend. In fact, I’ve been in love with her since forever. Libby is amazing and when I find out she wants me too? I can’t kiss her fast enough. She’s my everything. Which is probably why my father can’t stand her. He thinks she’s a distraction. I know she’s my world. I don’t know how far he’ll go to destroy her…
But I’m about to learn how far I’ll go to save her.
*The Deeper Than Love series is a steamy, sexy, and funny new standalone series perfect for your next binge read.
Deeper Than Destiny, a friends to lovers romance.
Deeper Than Lies, a love hate romance with all the feels.
Deeper Than Secrets, a love hate romance with a dirty-talking, bad boy hero who burns up the pages.
Deeper Than Temptation, a single dad romance with a dirty-talking, Irish-accented alpha hero who will keep you up all night.

101 printed pages
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