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Rising Strong: by Brene Brown | Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review

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Summary of Rising Strong: by Brene Brown | Includes Analysis


Rising Strong: the Reckoning, the Rumble, the Revolution by Brene Brown is a book about the importance of people getting back up after they have fallen. But it is also a book about the way they should bounce back. The author has a specific approach to bouncing back that, if followed, will make those who rise again stronger from what they were before they stumbled…

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    roxanne mitrihas quoted2 years ago
    Everyone falls. People need to learn to rise again in a way that transforms them into more wholehearted people.
    kyptcathas quotedlast year
    The Reckoning is recognizing that people are feeling emotion from a fall and want to know where the emotion is rooted, where it is coming from. The Rumble is the step when people challenge the initial stories they have concocted about the fall and try to achieve the real truth of what happened. The Revolution is the step where people transform themselves and grow from what they learned from the fall.

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