Dorothy William,Liam Gellman

Anti-Inflammatory And Dash Diet Cookbook: 2 Books in One

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So what is inflammation and what makes it so toxic to your body. 

When you experience inflammation when you're hurt or sick, it often shows itself as redness, pain and swelling. These manifestations of inflammation are the result of your body trying to heal itself.
When your body does this for now good reason however, it causes damage to your body. There are several reasons why you're body goes through inflammation. These causes include stress, genetics and exposure to life's daily dose of toxins.
An unhealthy diet filled with starch and fat that have been fried at high temperatures have also been found to cause inflammation. The good news however is that your diet in itself can help to reverse this deadly cycle of unnecessary inflammation.

The anti-inflammatory diet is a practical, healthy way of eating that treats and prevents inflammation associated with many chronic conditions and illnesses.
When inflammation becomes a regular occurrence itself as a faulty action (as a result of a health condition, but not to heal the body), it can be a serious hindrance in feeling and functioning well. Preventing inflammation can be done successfully through diet, and this includes significant relief from many conditions, including arthritis, psoriasis, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and respiratory conditions (asthma, bronchitis).

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:
What is The Anti-Inflammatory Diet? What Kind of Disease Inflammation Can CauseAnti-Inflammatory FoodsBenefits of the Anti-Inflammatory DietBreakfast and Brunch RecipesMain DishesSnacks & AppetizersSeafood RecipesPoultry RecipesVegan and Vegetable Recipes………AND MORE!!!

Do you want to improve your health, lose weight, and lower blood pressure?If yes, then keep reading…

The dash diet was developed to treat high blood pressure using natural methods. This isn't going to work for all people, some people simply need medications because of family history/genetic reasons.
The main principle behind the dash diet is focusing on sodium. Dietary factors have a large influence on blood pressure (as does obesity). Specifically, there are a few minerals that influence fluid levels and the relaxation or contraction of your blood vessels.
What kinds of food do I eat? Is there a type of diet that I can follow so that I don't make mistakes? Thankfully, a nutritionist friend recommended the dash diet. It is a practical way of maintaining a stable blood pressure level. But it does not only maintain stable blood pressure levels but also helps maintain other vital measures for the body, including blood sugar level and lipid profile.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:
Dash dietDash diet and weight lossDash diet and diabetesDash diet leads to a healthier kidneyDash diet and cholesterol/heart/disease/osteoporosis/strokeHypertension: how does diet come into play and why dash diet works? The benefits of dash dietBreakfast recipesLunch recipesDinner recipesSnack and appetizer recipesDessert recipesSoup recipesPoultry recipes…….and more!!!

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