Advance Home Remedies, Sandra M.Finlay
Sandra M.Finlay

Advance Home Remedies

Why Use Herbal Remedies
When confronted by ill health, human beings have always sought medicines from the natural world, in particular from plants. Today, we have the opportunity to combine traditional knowledge of herbal medicine with the clarity that scientific research can provide.

Back to Nature
strange as it may seem to us today, one reason why herbal medicines fell out of favor among doctors and scientists in the 19th and 20th centuries was because they were natural! While conventional medicines, such as aspirin, are mostly made up of single chemical compounds, herbal medicines may contain many hundreds of different constituents. as a consequence, it can be a daunting task for researchers to discover how an herb works and to identify the constituents responsible. No wonder it has been found much more straightforward to focus attention on single chemicals, which, if necessary, can be extracted and purified from medicinal plants.
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