Tony Charles

The 11 Habits of Highly Courageous People

Arise! Be of good courage. This is your sacred guide to be courageous, effective, intuitive,
and inspired. “The 11 Habits of Highly Courageous People” is written for everyone looking
for hope. This is your access to divine secrets. This is your permission to access the deep
secrets of life. Pay attention; get excited; and take action. This Noble Book of Sacred
Knowledge and Information is more than your path to fulfillment; it is your salvation. When
you follow these guides accordingly, you can achieve anything you want. The fact that
you were unaware of these sacred habits explains why you have experienced sorrowful
disappointments in life; why you have suffered heartaches so painful that sometimes you
felt you did not have the courage to carry on; and why the things you yearned for most
been snatched away.
“The 11 Habits of Highly Courageous People” is your liberation and solution. The highly
courageous people are blessed with the ability to receive and satisfy their desires directly
from the “source.” This is your time. Regardless of the riots and the 2020 CoronaVirus
COVID — 19 Global Pandemic, your life is changing for the better. All of your setbacks were
directly attributed to your lack of knowledge of this sacred information. Thus, nothing of
necessity will be denied to you from now on. Furthermore, you will know your destiny, why
you were born, what your mission is, how to get what you desire, and how to command
others to do exactly what you want.
“The 11 Habits of Highly Courageous People” is also designed to provide the information
you need to harness divine secrets and to have dominion… Think carefully of the great
enlightenments that you stand to gain. You now have the golden opportunity to satisfy
your destiny and achieve almost everything in life. Your moment of breakthrough has
come. Welcome to the Amazing World of the Great Technological Revolution and the New
Era of Super Technologies and Soaring Buying Power. Thus, great wealth; good health;
longevity; tranquility; romantic love; peace of mind; Honor; success; and happiness are
now at your command.
522 printed pages
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