Brave New World, Aldous Huxley
Aldous Huxley

Brave New World

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Now more than ever: Aldous Huxley's enduring “masterpiece … one of the most prophetic dystopian works of the 20th century” (Wall Street Journal) must be read and understood by anyone concerned with preserving the human spirit in the face of our “brave new world”
Aldous Huxley's profoundly important classic of world literature, Brave New World is a searching vision of an unequal, technologically-advanced future where humans are genetically bred, socially indoctrinated, and pharmaceutically anesthetized to passively uphold an authoritarian ruling order--all at the cost of our freedom, full humanity, and perhaps also our souls. “A genius [who] who spent his life decrying the onward march of the Machine” (The New Yorker), Huxley was a man of incomparable talents: equally an artist, a spiritual seeker, and one of history’s keenest observers of human nature and civilization. Brave New World, his masterpiece, has enthralled and terrified millions of readers, and retains its urgent relevance to this day as both a warning to be heeded as we head into tomorrow and as thought-provoking, satisfying work of literature. Written in the shadow of the rise of fascism during the 1930s, Brave New World likewise speaks to a 21st-century world dominated by mass-entertainment, technology, medicine and pharmaceuticals, the arts of persuasion, and the hidden influence of elites.
“Aldous Huxley is the greatest 20th century writer in English.” —Chicago Tribune
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maksimdmitriyevshared an impression2 years ago
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Aleksandrshared an impression3 years ago
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I won't be misunderstood if I'll call this book as one of the must read for everyone. It shows other possible future of the society. Society of always young old man and soma which can hide everything that isn't correct around you. Be aware.

Gleb Sologub
Gleb Sologubshared an impression4 years ago
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Провидческая книга о грядущем тоталитарном обществе потребления. Многое из того, о чем грезил автор в 1931-м году, уже давно стало реальностью. Страшно признать, что сбылись, в основном, самые худшие предсказания.

Иванов Алексей
Иванов Алексейhas quoted3 years ago
One cubic centimetre cures ten gloomy sentiments
Татьяна Нестеренко
Татьяна Нестеренкоhas quoted4 years ago
for to be excited is still to be unsatisfied
Devon Bonnell
Devon Bonnellhas quotedlast year
The liftman slammed the gates, touched a button and instantly dropped back into the droning twilight of the well, the twilight of his own
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