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John J.Nance

Scorpion Strike

Two air force pilots race to stop an Iraqi bioweapon in this thriller filled with “white-knuckle flight scenes” from a New York Times–bestselling author (Kirkus Reviews).
A scientist charged by Saddam Hussein with pioneering a horrific breakthrough in biological warfare, Shakir Abbas defects at the American embassy to warn the world of the new weapon. America’s worst nightmare has come true—and now US forces must scramble to put together a plan to destroy the weapon of mass destruction.
When the operation goes awry in Saudi Arabia, Col. Will Westerman commandeers a C-141 transport to get the Special Forces team into Iraq. With the help of air force buddy Col. Doug Harris, Westerman reaches his target only to discover that the unthinkable has happened. Now they must use all their ingenuity, daring, and adrenaline to stop a worldwide catastrophe—and survive what looks increasingly like a suicide mission.
From the bestselling author of Pandora’s Clock and the Kat Bronsky series—a pilot and Operation Desert Storm veteran himself—this is a “gripping” aviation thriller (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) featuring “thoroughly realistic background detail and an entirely too plausible plot” (Kirkus Reviews).
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