Proving the Riemann Hypothesis and Other Simple Things, Dirk L.van Krimpen
Dirk L.van Krimpen

Proving the Riemann Hypothesis and Other Simple Things

Whether you are a math student, or just an enthusiastic science fiction reader, you might be interested in the famous Riemann Hypothesis. Well, this book may give you everything you want. Not only because it deals with this mathematical mystery. It also tells you about things like cars, music, time traveling, higher dimensional spaces, and much more. For more than a century scientists have tried to solve the mystery behind the Riemann Hypothesis. But up to today nobody has been able to come up with a definitive proof. This is bad news since large parts of mathematics seem to be built on quicksand as long as the proof of the Riemann Hypothesis is still hanging in the air. A mathematics institute in the US even offers a million dollars to the one solving the mystery. In this book someone actually proves the Riemann Hypothesis. In a completely new graphical way. Believe me; the guys in this story are getting really rich.
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