Sophia Remolde

Phase Out

Phase Out shows those who are not doing the work they love how to phase out of their current job and into a creative and abundant career. Are you doing work that pays your bills but leaves your soul empty?
Are you stuck in a job you don’t like?
Do you dream of supporting yourself from your heart’s desire?
If you are not doing work you love, you are not truly living. Sophia Remolde has studied everything from psychology and creativity to art and spirituality that ultimately led her on a journey to investigate the importance of personal stories and how to apply them. She discovered that true treasure lies within the creative potential of the mind and that work can take a plethora of forms. Phase Out brings the magic back to your life and reveals how to find and do the work you were born to do. Make money doing what you love and bring your treasure to life!
152 printed pages
Original publication



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