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Demi Yalcin

On Behalf of Humanity, I Apologize to All Plants

Is there any difference between Mozart and rock music for a plant?

After all, we know that plants cannot hear. They can perceive and choose frequencies that we cannot detect without their hearing organs, and they prefer Mozart or chants to rock music. They can lengthen and shorten their bodies, reduce their density by drilling holes, and even change their genes with music. It knows the owner who gives it water, gets stressed, falls in love, and favors its brother. They are in our subconscious. They read our thoughts and manage the animal kingdom as they please. Plants have amazing abilities. In the world of plants, there are wars and relationships that we do not realize and witness.

The Aborigines, who are the protectors of the land and this planet, are preparing for the last day of the world or the first beginning by passing on their secrets, wisdom and culture from generation to generation.

Think again before you touch, cut or pluck them. You didn't create them and you don't have the right to experiment on them. Only you can help them survive.
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Özlem Pillik
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