Karen Campbell LaGraff

So Much for the White Picket Fence

So Much for the White Picket Fence
gives an intimate and gritty look inside a long-term marriage. The author shares her journey of letting go of the fantasies and idealized portrayal of the perfect marriage and family life. The author comes to terms with life's unfairness through several dramatic life experiences---the loss of a young love, birth of a handicapped son, another son's addiction, and her husband's affair. She writes openly about the pain and lessons she learned and the impact each of these had on her family members. Her story touches on all the universal emotions-love and hate, loss and fulfillment, fear and courage, joy and sorrow, trust and betrayal. A thread of hope weaves through its pages, giving inspiration to anyone dealing with disappointment, disillusionment, or despair. The author's book depicts in vivid detail that over time and with love you can get through anything.
411 printed pages
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