Jack McLean

More Bedside Urban Voltaire

Jack McLean's prose was something of a legend in the national press. In the last two decades of the last millennium he created a reputation for giving two fingers to any sector of the establishment which had riled him. He has also dealt with some rather public figures in a similar manner. His first volume of The Bedside Urban Voltaire was a sell-out in printed format and this ebook edition accompanies the re-issue of that first volume of work in electronic format. The reading public who missed out on the printed formats can now be regaled, bemused, infuriated and teased by this follow-up ebook. Within McLean's inimitable style there is something for everyone. Indeed the same column can evoke completely differing responses depending on the audience and where it is read. Jack once brought the house down at a bookshop reading about an invasion of rugby supporters to his into his southside Glasgow flat, but the same material was received with more sombre restraint in Islay. In Ullapool he was simply heckled. This is perhaps Jack's USP. He is basically an argument in a pub corner brought to life … if you don't like what he is saying, or the way he is saying it, then walk away. But we dare you to do so.
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