L.Carroll Judson

The Men Behind the Declaration of Independence

This collection presents you with the biographies of fifty-eight individuals, some of them famous names, some forgotten men of the past, but all crucial in the accomplishment of a single object, the independence of the United State:
Thomas Jefferson
John Hancock
Benjamin Franklin
Roger Sherman
Edward Rutledge
Thomas M'Kean
Philip Livingston
George Wythe
Abraham Clark
Francis Lewis
Richard Stockton
Samuel Adams
Dr. Benjamin Rush
Oliver Wolcott
George Read
Thomas Heyward
Robert Morris
John Witherspoon
Thomas Lynch, Jr.
Matthew Thornton
William Floyd
William Whipple
Francis Hopkinson, Esq.
Josiah Bartlett
Arthur Middleton
James Wilson
Charles Carroll, of Carrollton
William Williams
Samuel Huntington
George Walton
George Clymer
Carter Braxton
John Morton
Richard Henry Lee
Stephen Hopkins
Robert Treat Paine
George Taylor
Francis Lightfoot Lee Thomas Stone
Lewis Morris
John Hart
Button Gwinnett
William Ellery
Lyman Hall
John Penn
Elbridge Gerry
William Paca
George Ross
Benjamin Harrison
Cæsar Rodney
Samuel Chase
William Hooper
Thomas Nelson
James Smith
Joseph Hewes
John Adams
George Washington
Patrick Henry
Declaration of Independence
Washington's Farewell Address
A Declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North America
Articles of Confederation
Constitution of the United States
The Declaration of Independence as originally written by Thomas Jefferson
672 printed pages
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