Tella Olayeri

The Faculty Of Fasting And Prayer

Every hand should be on deck when we talk of fasting and prayer.

Our Lord Almighty is involved, Jesus Christ is involved, and the Holy Spirit is involved. The three are one, indivisible, called The Trinity. The Trinity forms the Spiritual Board in the University of Spiritualism. God is the Chancellor, Jesus Christ the Vice Chancellor and Holy Spirit the Provost. The reason the book is titled, The Faculty of Prayer and Fasting. There are other faculties in the University of Spiritualism. Fasting and prayer, is a faculty in this university.
This book is written to open the mind of people wide to fasting and prayer, and to know great men and women that fasted in the bible to change the course of events. Situations were brought under control through fasting and prayer. The Lord’s face was sought and hopes were realized. Repentance were sought and received, grief disappeared, laws were established, battles were fought and won, the Lord turned life around and cries to God are not in vain.
Enough is enough! The bad pattern of life we live must stop. There must be a change to move life forward and excel. Every prolonged battle must end. Every stubborn problem must stop. You are born great, wonderful and unique. Satan must not write the last chapter of your life. This is the time untold hardship must not spend a common room with you. Every dark program of the enemy must end and expire. This is the time to say, “Enough is enough”.
This is a spiritual book that opens the eyes of Christians to super spiritual tools and means to seek the face of God for answer to challenges of life. It is time to return to prayer and God’s Word. If possible, take a prayer walk with Jesus. At times, fast and pray, to begin long journey of breakthrough. Fasting and prayer quickens Holy Spirit to work in us and have his presence in our life. Fasting is a spiritual discipline, while prayer communicates our needs to God. Fasting and prayer are not what we invent. They have deep root in the Holly Bible.
It is time you fast and pray. It is time to bring down the hands of God upon your life. It is time you put your dancing shoes on and wear garment of victory. Your time is now, and you must not miss it. The bell is ringing for you to open your heart to God to fast and pray. Nothing shall deter you this time around. Devil is a liar. You are born great, and you shall be great, in the name of Jesus.
There are opportunities open to you, if you buy this book. They include among others:-

You will experience open heavens of great breakthroughs that will turn your life around.

Powers of darkness will bow and shamed.

Every arrow of darkness will go back to sender and shall have multiple destruction meant for you.

Evil padlocks designed to bring you down shall break to pieces and be worthless.

Thick cloud of darkness shall disappear and your destiny released of bondage.

The roar and attack of dark animals at you shall stop and they shall be helpless and defeated.

Bad habits shall disappear and flee in your life.

You shall overcome sickness and disease, sudden death, and live to give testimonies.

The Lord will make you strong and powerful. Enemies shall flee.

You will experience uncommon favor, mercy and grace of God.

Your eagle will fly high. You shall be the head and not the tail.

The Lord shall empower you to live above temptations and shall be dedicated to him.

The Lord’s hand is open wide to accept you into His fold. Fast and pray to see His face for great things of life and pursue of heaven. There is no two ways to know God better than to pray and fast; read the Word and be far to sin.
It is time to fast and pray. Buy this book! This book goes deep to tell us six major types of fast and eleven steps to take when we fast. This is an eye opener to guide you and march us to fountain of joy of breakthroughs in the spirit.

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Tella Olayeri
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