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Bernard Gets Trapped

Every year, the Lily Pad Jumping Contest is held and Bernard Frog has won for the past two years. The water of the pond is deep and cold, with the lily pads providing safe places to land and jump. Deep in the pond lives a very large catfish who loves to dine on frogs. The two main jumpers in the contest, Bernard Frog and Tobias Toad are good friends but this contest threatens to override that friendship because both contestants are determined to win. The winner of the contest gets to eat a fresh fly pie with their most fantastic fan. With the whole of Frogtown looking on and cheering, who will the fantastic fan end up having pie with? Will the catfish stay deep in the water or will he come looking for his own frog and toad dinner? Who is the fantastic fan? When Old Linesnapper Catfish decides to cut down the lily pads in front of Tobias and Bernard in the middle of the lake what will happen?
34 printed pages
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