Betty Huizenga


You are important to God – so important that He wants you to be all you

can be for Him!

Girls -- Have you ever wished you had an older woman--someone

besides mom--to talk to about important things? Do you sometimes find it hard

to understand what God is saying in His Word, the Bible? Would you like to feel

more comfortable in social settings like fancy dinner parties? Do you like to

have fun? Appleseeds is for YOU!

Moms -- Do you sometimes wonder what your pre-teen is thinking?

Do you wish for an older woman's advice? Would you like help in developing your

daughter's self image and social skills? Have you longed for a Bible study that

was uniquely crafted to teach your daughter about God? Would you like to spend

some time having fun with your daughter? Appleseeds is for YOU!

Appleseeds is a unique mentoring program for girls ages 9 to 12. The

purpose of Appleseeds is to teach young girls how important they are to God,

to their family and to others around them. They will learn that they are created

in the image of God, that they are valuable to God and others. Like Apples of

Gold, Appleseed classes are held in Homes with 'Grammy' mentors teaching the

Bible lesson. Moms of the girls will come to help with the etiquette and craft

sessions. They will be taught that serving God and others is a high calling,

and hopefully, everyone will have lots of FUN in the process.

115 printed pages


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