Humberto Maturana Romesin,Gerda Verden-Zöller

Origin of Humanness in the Biology of Love

The central concern of this book is us human beings. The authors’ basic question is: ‘How is it that we can live in mutual care, have ethical concerns, and at the same time deny all that through the rational justification of aggression?’ The authors answer this basic question indirectly by providing a look into the fundaments of our biological constitution, concentrating on what they term emotioning, that is the flow of emotions in daily life that guides the flow of the systemic conservation of a manner of living. Maturana and Verden-Zöller claim that the fundamental emotion that gave rise to humans as sapient languaging beings was love, and that this remains our fundament even when other emotions become socially prevalent.
317 printed pages
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  • Sierra Lynn Drummerhas quoted7 years ago
    Biologically, trust is the spontaneous manner of being of any living system when in comfortable congruence with the medium.
  • Sierra Lynn Drummerhas quoted7 years ago
    Symbolization and Reality

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