Next Time You Feel Suicidal

Based in a deep understanding Osho responds to a very personal question related to issues of suicide. “In this neurotic world, if you are sane, sensitive, intelligent, either you have to go mad, or you have to commit suicide – or you have to become a meditator, a seeker.” This new book from the series “OSHO Solutions” is a sample how difficult appearing issues which usually create a kind of helplessness in people can be turned around to an incredible opportunity for personal growth.
40 printed pages
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    Chtppha Bohas quotedlast year
    So please don’t ask how it can be mastered or killed. It is not to be mastered, it is not to be killed. It cannot be mastered and it cannot be killed; it can only be understood. Let understanding be your only law.
    Chtppha Bohas quotedlast year
    just take a lamp and go inside.
    Chtppha Bohas quotedlast year
    I am not saying the ego can be dropped. I am saying the ego exists not. How can you drop something which doesn’t exist? And Buddha has not said that the ego has to be dropped, he is saying the ego has to be only looked into – and you don’t find it, hence it disappears.

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