Donna Hill,Zuri Day,Niobia Bryant

Heat Wave

New York is having a summer heat wave and three women are feeling it-and dealing with it-each in their own steamy way. . ..
Summer Fever by Donna Hill
Nina Forbes is excited to house sit in the Hamptons-but her handsome neighbor, Barbados native Ian Harrison, excites her even more. Soon the two are sharing conversation, kisses. . .and sizzling sleepovers. Ian promises to keep in touch after he returns home in the fall. But as the days pass, Nina fears their passion was just summer fever. . .
One Hot Summer by Niobia Bryant
After a high-profile divorce, event planner Simone “Love” Lovey swears off dating famous people. . .until sexy star athlete Maleek Trenton enters her life. Their romance is bliss, but Love again finds herself amid paparazzi, groupies-and calls from a woman who claims she's involved with Maleek, and has intimate details to prove it. . .
Too Hot To Handle by Zuri Day
Choice McKinley gets stuck in an elevator during a blackout, on the hottest July 4th ever. That she's locked in with gorgeous Trey Scott only adds to the heat. Soon, relief from the high temperature requires clothing removal and sultry kisses. But Trey doesn't know Choice is his boss's off-limits daughter-and Choice doesn't know Trey is a wanted man. All that will come after the doors open to reality. . .
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    makokayshas quotedlast year
    my lover could be the summer sun, I would lay naked beneath him, exposed and waiting for him to reach out to kiss and caress my skin as his heat would fill my body and his light would elevate my moods.”
    makokayshas quotedlast year
    “Whether by fate or the design of others, nothing ever goes smoothly. But if you’re prepared and ready, you can at least recover from it. Right?
    makokayshas quotedlast year
    “You know, Faryn, I learned that nothing in life is guaranteed,”

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