Tessa Dare

Romancing the Duke

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As the daughter of a famed author, Isolde Ophelia Goodnight grew up on tales of brave knights and fair maidens.  She never doubted romance would be in her future, too.  The storybooks offered endless possibilities.
And as she grew older, Izzy crossed them off.  One by one by one.
Ugly duckling turned swan? Abducted by handsome highwayman? Rescued from drudgery by charming prince?No, no, and … Heh.
Now Izzy’s given up yearning for romance. She’ll settle for a roof over her head.  What fairy tales are left over for an impoverished twenty-six year-old woman who’s never even been kissed?
This one.
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    b4836979281shared an impression2 years ago

    Wow!! Impressive and worthwhile

    Sol Mateshared an impression6 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    💞Loved Up

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    b8538476268has quoted7 days ago
    Look at him. The man’s not delusional. He’s in love
    b8538476268has quoted7 days ago
    If men would seek to part us, death itself would be a veil too thin. For lo, though I wander the earth for my king, you remain—now and ever—queen of my heart
    b8538476268has quoted7 days ago
    “I will say only this.” When Ransom lifted his head, a sly smile played about his lips. “Doubt not.”

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