The King of Con, Thomas Giacomaro
Thomas Giacomaro

The King of Con

341 printed pages
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A Jersey boy with a knack for numbers, a gift for making people trust him, and an all-consuming hunger to rule the business world, Tom Giacomaro could convince anyone of anything.

As a teenager, Tom Giacomaro began working in the mob-laden New Jersey trucking industry. A charming, brash-talking salesman with a genius-level IQ, he climbed the ranks and let his lust for money and relationships with New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Chicago crime families send him spiraling into a world of drugs and violence. And that’s only the beginning.

In The King of Con, Tom details how he hashes out a deal with the FBI, agreeing to become a crime informant in an effort to avoid jail time—only, he continues his high-finance, white-collar scheming, luring celebrities and other high-profile contacts to invest multimillions in his new business ventures. When it all comes crashing down, Tom is thrown in prison for over a decade, yet, even behind bars, he’s able to get what he wants from anyone . . . and he eventually finds a way to get released early.

Cowritten by journalist Natasha Stoynoff, The King of Con is the unforgettable true story about a man who became hooked on living life to thrilling and dangerous excess, until he was humbled by the FBI, by the US Attorney, and by life itself.

Now, Tom is back in his old New Jersey neighborhood. His old business cronies and mob contacts are calling, his palms are itching to make billions again, and the US Attorney’s office is watching. Will he stay on the straight and narrow, or will he steal back his crown of crime as the King of Con?
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A great salesman is a great seducer, a Rudolph Valentino on the sales floor.
He plays to your fantasies and promises you everything you think you need and want. He gets you excited and makes you feel special. He never takes no for an answer. And then, like every other son of a bitch, he fucks you—literally or figuratively or both.
Mercedes 560SEL shot off the highway and into the air like a rocket before nose-diving into the Passaic River—with me in it.

Ten minutes earlier, I’d been downing after-lunch $200 shots of Louis XIII cognac at a restaurant in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, when this broad I’d been seeing in nearby Passaic called me to come over for an afternoon quickie. This girl was nutty; she used to kiss the windows of my Mercedes and leave red lip prints all over the glass.

Within minutes

Mercedes 560SEL off the highway like a rocket shot into the air before nose-diving into the Passaic River—with me in it.

Ten minutes earlier I'd been downing after-lunch $200 shots of cognac Louis XIII at a restaurant in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, when this broad called me to come over for an afternoon quickie I'd been seeing in nearby Passaic. Nutty was this girl; she used to kiss my red lip prints all over the glass of the windows and leave the Mercedes.

Within minutes

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