Jackie Sonnenberg

How to Raise Your New Puppy in a Cat Family

Everyone dreams of bringing home a new puppy and watching them romp around the living room. But, for some households this can be a complex process especially when you already have cats in the home. Teaching your puppy to play nicely with existing cats and the cats to treat the puppy like a new member of the household can be nerve-racking, for this very reason, every family should have the necessary tools in hand to help make the transition. This book has been written to provide the carefully outlined approach every family needs when bringing a puppy into a cat family. You will learn how cats approach other species and what warning signs to look out for in both your cats and your puppy. You will learn how to handle your puppy’s playful tendencies, especially for larger breeds that might hurt a cat. You will learn what you can do to separate your animals when needed and how long to allow them to interact each day. You will learn all of the basics of multi-pet care, from the essentials of their daily needs with water, food, and outdoor care to their attention related needs each day. Hundreds of hours of interviews have been conducted with experts throughout the pet field and their advice has been compiled here to provide a comprehensive perspective on how you should approach your multi-pet home. For anyone looking to bring home their first puppy to join one or more cats, this book is for you.

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