Sasvata Sukha

Practical Astrology for Beginners & Self-Discovery

Discover How You Can Accelerate Your Self-Discovery Journey & Begin To Truly Understand Yourself Using The Ancient Knowledge Of Astrology
Do you want to understand yourself better? Always wondered whether Astrology plays a bigger role in your behavior than your weekly horoscope tells you? Do you want to truly understand Astrology & the Astrological forces influencing your behavior?
We've all read the occasional weekly horoscope and noticed a kernel of truth or two in them.
But, the issue with mainstream horoscopes is that they have to be SO broad, they are never truly unique to your situation & will never give an accurate description of you.
That's where Practical Astrology For Beginners comes in.
Instead of reading vague descriptions about your star sign, you'll be able to start your journey to truly understanding the art of Astrology & as a result yourself.
This Self-Knowledge can then be used to improve ALL areas your life from your Relationships to your health & can even be used to help guide you in those key life moments.
Most importantly, all concepts are described in easily digestible language & written in the most practical way possible, so that it can be applied to your life, instead of just becoming more mind junk.

Anyways, here's a tiny slither of what's inside…
Astrology Simplified— Easy To Understand Language & Digestible Descriptions That Make Understanding Astrology As Easy As Riding A BikeDiscover The 3 Main Areas You Need To Explore To Truly Begin Your Self-Discovery JourneyA Deep Look Into The Power Of Planetary Influences & How These Can Positively Effect Your Relationships And Self-Development (Including 2 Practical Examples Of Star Signs Being Ruled By Planets)How You Can Use The Power Of Crystals & Gemstones To Positively Influence Your Behavior Depending On Which Planet Is Dominant For Your Sign!4 Must Know Benefits Of Learning Astrology (Including Why Music Is Key To Your Behavior)A Brief History Of Western Tropical Astrology & The Philosophy Behind ItExactly What You Need To Know About The 4 Elements & How To Balance Them Depending On Your SignThe Almost Unknown Yin & Yang Aspects Of Astrology (Majority Ignore This!)How The 'Nodal Axis' Can Lead To Great Healing & Personal Growth + Why You Need To Embrace Your North NodeThe Astrological  Houses Explained For Beginners & How They Add Another Dimension To Your Self-Discovery JourneyThe 3 Qualities Used To Describe The 12 Zodiac SignsA Complete Practical Walkthrough To The Essentials Of Astrology To Supercharge Your Self-Discovery Journey!
And SO Much More!
Even if you have ZERO idea about your Star Sign and what it actually means, even if you've NEVER really understood how Astrology influences your behavior & even if you always thought astrology was 'woo-woo' nonsense, this book outlines exactly how you can use Astrology in the most practical manner to improve your life.
So, If You Want To Enhance Your Self-Discovery Journey & Utilize The Ancient Art Of Astrology To Improve All Areas Of Your Life Then Buy This Book Today.
270 printed pages
Original publication



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