Hephzibah Yohannan,John Zaradin

Personal Journey

The young John Zaradin felt driven to make his life in music against all 'sensible' career advice offered by his peers and parents. An interest in philosophy led him to a circle of creative people dedicated to self-development. They demonstrated to him that a life in the arts was indeed possible, if he worked with some tried and tested guidelines. These included — in addition to all aspects of music, its performance and the business of survival — a rigorous self-examination and a continual re-focusing on his stated aim. His choice to both listen and act on what he was absorbing helped him to make his first steps on the way to living and shaping his life as a musician. Many years later, a conversation with a friend resulted in the writing of his Personal Journey, in which he reveals the story of how he transformed his own life and developed his career as musician, guitarist and composer.
204 printed pages
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