Hugh Smith

Green Eyes and Good Hair

What do you do when love doesn’t care about your plans?

Everything about Tony screams Playboy…
…from his clothes…
…to his apartment…
…to the car he drives.
He’s smooth…and he knows it.
So, when he meets Olivia, an executive at a company that can advance his career, he puts his charms into overdrive.
This will be easy, she doesn’t stand a chance…,
Olivia knows all about guys like Tony.
…she knows he only pursues stick thin model types…they don't give plus-size women a second glance…
…so why is he suddenly interested in her?
She’s no model. And she certainly ain’t thin!
She’s no fool…he’s only interested because she can help his career.
She’s hip to the game…she can spot a player a mile away…
…but she LOVES bad boys
…and a challenge.
She’ll let him think he’s in control, but soon, he won’t know what hit him…she’ll make him forget those skinny girls…and then she’ll move on.
Two people come together, each with an agenda. They think they have life figured out…then something happens that changes everything!

You’ll love this sweet romance because of the steam, but you’ll tell your friends about it because of the story. Get it now.
143 printed pages
Original publication



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