Alexander Johanson

How to Bond with Your Dog

The secrets. to highly effective puppy training.

Discover an easy we to raise an extraordinary dog

It is very exciting and at the same time exhausting caring for a pet dog. It can easily be compared to having an empty canvas with the eventual outcome being your sole responsibility.

When you own a puppy, you are responsible for not just his emotion and physical need but also his eventual training to be inculcated into society.

There are behaviors that are unacceptable and this is true even for puppies irrespective of how cute they are. They can ruin the rug and get the house stinking. You are responsible for teaching your puppy acceptable behaviors like when and where to potty. This book gives these techniques and much more.

In this book, you will learn strategies varying from obedience training, potty, obstacle training, and even trick training. You will be able to crate train and also clicker train your puppy with the time-proven techniques in this book.

Dogs tend to mirror their owners. This means if you come stressed to class, the resulting effect will be observed in the puppy. In the same light, being positive and ready to train will make your puppy also perform positively.

I have trained a lot of puppies and I can assure you, the strategies in this book are, time-proven and highly effective.

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