Christian Marcolli

More Life, Please!

Our life can be challenging. Is there time for a successful career AND those we love? We are driven by our successes, but often the most important moments are those we create with each other. We all strive to get more from life, but can struggle to find a positive harmonization between our career and family commitments. Business leaders and corporate performers constantly focus on achieving ambitious objectives, the next step, the next goal, and build positive lasting partnerships but how can we bring those dynamic strengths into our private lives, far beyond the office desk into our homes? Renowned performance expert, father, and husband Dr. Christian Marcolli successfully works since decades with global business icons and Olympic gold medallists. More Life, Please! holds the essence of Dr. Marcolli's highly effective P6PROP® performance model, broken down for life surpassing the office. Christian takes you from adequate to astounding in easy to follow and practical steps, changing your life for the better, and helping you engage more positively with everyone you interact with. Passion, Precision, Perception, Peace, Presence and Persistence are all vital elements and essential to succeed. Supported by simple but effective tips from family and work-life integration specialist Tarina Wagschal, this is a book for those who have mastered the corporate world and are more than keen on better conquering their private and family life too! More Life, Please! is your pathway to living life to the fullest!
143 printed pages


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