Craig Duswalt,Carla McNeil,Gary Douglas

Cracking The Client Attraction Code

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This book will change the way you think about your business, from how you approach new clients to how you talk to yourself about you and your business.

Carla McNeil and Nilofer invited 13 heart-centered, successful marketers to the Best Client Seminar to present their stories, strategies and best practices.

They invited folks whose businesses focus on spirituality and wellness such as Amethyst Wyldfyre, the Empress of Empowerment to Jeff Herring, the King of Article Marketing, an expert at content creation and other marketing strategies.

Carla and Nilofer asked each presenter one question:

What is the unique transformation you want to offer our audience?
Although the answers vary wildly depending on the personalities and expertise of the individual presenters, all agree on three factors. They are each explained in the book.

You've seen books like this before and wonder…

Will each author really reveal his or her secrets?
Will there truly be something I can use to create a more lucrative business?
Did Gary Douglas really reveal what I need to ask to have my business grow exponentially?
PJ VanHulle has an unusual practice called “zing clunk test”, will it work for me?
Do I struggle with the question “Can I be a heart-centred person and a successful entrepreneur?” Or is this a contradiction?
Does Craig Duswalt really show me how I can write a book myself?
Will Tracey Fieber's strategy to “Inspire clients to say yes”, really work for me?

Many heart-centred entrepreneurs don't charge enough for their products and services to break even. Give too much away. Feel uncomfortable marketing and selling. Believe that being heart-centred is all about loving and giving. And making money is just about “taking.” All of these business owners are here to tell you that's just not true!


This book began with the dream of Carla McNeil and Nilofer Safdar to prove that heart-centred marketing isn't a contradiction. And to show both concrete marketing strategies and what they call the “inner game”-those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

They started talking to each other via social media outside the course. They just had this connection between them and spent almost a year together where they did mastermind calls with each other, supporting each other through their business and that was really fun. There was always this idea to create an event together.

Nilofer had been creating tele-summits for about 3 years. She loved doing tele-summits, learned a lot and did a great job. Creating a tele-summit with together with Carla was a natural extension of that experience. Nilofer had been learning marketing, and really wanted to create a tele-summit on sales and marketing.

It was challenging to decide what they were going to do together because when they first met; through the online course we had very different areas of expertise and business models.

Carla was just starting to build a social media business and Nilofer was developing her business in healing, motivation, self-help and empowerment. In the beginning it appeared to be a real challenge to connect the dots between what they could do together.

The tele summit and resulting book brought it all together.
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