CJ Edwards

Thy Neighbour's Wife

I was determined to play with the neighbours' wives

It was time for the wife and I to try out female Viagra

The neighbours either side had both moved in only recently and both wives were hot as hell. Petite Lisa looked just right for throwing around and Amazonian Marion had such a haughty look that I couldn't help but think about doing her up the arse.

My wife, Victoria and I had a very open marriage and we both shared the same taste in women. She had tried female Viagra herself and had been 100% horny for a full 24 hours.

Being a good wife, she was happy to seduce the neighbours for me, with a little help from the special pill.

We started with Marion and then she invited Lisa across. Imagine my surprise when she brought her heavily pregnant younger sister as well. I was going to need to pop a pill myself!
19 printed pages
Original publication
Erotic Dreams



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