Richard Fierce,pdmac

Rune Marked

King Torian's evil is spreading across the realms.
Conal and Gwen are hard-pressed to evade Torian's spies and armies while gathering support to combat the evil king's quest for total domination. But they can't do it alone and must seek out the help of dwarves and elves — with unintended consequences.
The sudden arrival of dragon-hunters causes some to wonder if the people are filled with madness or if dragons, which were exterminated 150 years ago, might possibly still exist, especially as these fanatics are obsessed with their mission of finding and killing dragons. But why now? What has caused these zealots to abruptly appear, demanding to know where the dragons are?
Just when things might be looking up for the rebellion, they discover there are traitors among them.
Rune Marked is the second book in the series Dragons of Isentol, a tale of dragons, magic, and a growing rebellion against tyranny.
177 printed pages
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