J.J. West

Campfire Tales

“Was drinking involved?”

The answer to the question lies at George Mooney's renowned ranch in North Idaho, where crazy concentrations of people incite crazy behavior.

In this collection of backwoods benders and dirty deeds, catch up on Bonner County's most well-known dysfunctional family, led by its bumbling old patriarch with a heart of gold and a head full of rocks. Country drunk is the name of the game around the campfire each night, entertaining the reader with the unbelievable antics of George's cast of indulgent irregulars and revolving door of wayward drifters, all too problematic for society to deal with and most three sheets to the wind.

In this follow-up to Fiddlesticks! Tales From A Country Ghetto, meet more people and more problems brought on only by George himself: the couch-surfing CIA spy, the eighty-year-old drug mule, the mysterious writer from another planet, tweakers and creepers, dead goats and wild horses, the drunkest man in Bonner County, home unimprovement projects, and a homemade flamethrower. What could possibly go wrong?
248 printed pages
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