James Smith

Mercy! NO! – How? Why

God is often maligned and castigated for causing or having allowed catastrophic disasters and calamities to occur that have claimed untold collateral damage as well as the tragic loss of human life resulting from the aftermath of those natural and human caused catastrophes and disasters.

In his early years, James hated the truth. He thrived on living and promoting a lie even though he knew he was wrong. Many times he would argue on behalf of a lie even when evidence of the truth proved him wrong. Like Elymas in Acts 13, there was a mist of darkness that had enshrined both his soul and spirit to the point he would rather defend a lie than to admit to the truth. Then like the Apostle Paul in Damascus reeling from his encounter with the risen Savior, James became a battleground as a physical-spiritual war raged within his corporal body. Instead of grabbing hold of a lie as he had always done, he reached out this time and took hold of the truth. After having been redeemed and set free by the truth of God in Christ Jesus, James then becoming obsessed with divine truth as is laid out in scripture, he set out to understand truth concerning the accusations that are being and have been levied against God after disasters and calamities befall nations, cultures, and individuals. His investigation based entirely on the truth and revelation of scripture, has led to a deeper faith, trust, and confidence in power of the eternal Godhead.

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