David Wright

31 Days to a Happier You

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31 Days to a Happier You is for every person who feels like a failure down to their core. Though countless people and circumstance brought me down, I am thankful for those hellish times. Why? Because I now understand that without that misery in my life, I would’ve never known that happiness must be maintained if we are to truly experience a fulfilling life! Surprisingly, it was at my lowest point that I found the answer of just how happy I could be.

What I’ve discovered, and I’ve shared in these pages, is that as far down as a man can sink in pity, is the exact height, if not higher, that he can rise up in joy. If he would only believe in himself, stay the course, and push his level of understanding, he would meet the heights of love he wishes to attain.

A man will never respect being up unless he has been down. In the pages of 31 Days to a Happier You, you will learn the secret of maintaining happiness in your life by honoring those who have versed you both in joy and struggle and honoring your journey so that you can have what you truly deserve: “to have life and to have it more abundantly.”

I love YOU and may your tomor rows always shine just a bit brighter than your yesterdays. I invite you to discover a happier YOU!
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