Food: Your Miracle Medicine, Jean Carper
Jean Carper

Food: Your Miracle Medicine

612 printed pages
Food — Your Miracle Medicine is the breakthrough book on food and health for the nineties. This comprehensive guide, based on more than 10,000 scientific studies, reveals how you can use the extraordinary powers of food to prevent and alleviate such common maladies as headaches and hay fever, as well as to ward off major killers, including heart disease and cancer. Jean Carper, the bestselling author of The Food Pharmacy, has now translated the amazing new discoveries about the medical powers of food into practical advice and information that you can use every day to conquer disease, increase your mental energy, and live longer.
A carrot a day could slash your risk of stroke by 70 percent.

Ginger can stop migraine headaches and nausea.
Half an avocado a day can dramatically improve your blood cholesterol.
Brazil nut may improve your mood.
Brazil nuts may improve your mood.
Tea helps prevent stroke, heart disease, and cancer.
A food allergy may be the cause of your fatigue.
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