Abbey Beathan

Summary Bundle: Diet & Religion

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Summary Bundle: Diet & Religion: Includes Summary of Simply Keto & Summary of So You Want to Talk About Race

From the Description of “Summary of Simply Keto”…

«These delicious bites remind me of peanut butter cups, but the great thing about this recipe is that there's no need for special molds or sugar!» — Suzanne Ryan
Suzanne Ryan achieved quite a feat, losing almost 40% of her body weight. She thinks you can gain such satisfactory results as well and that having a healthier lifestyle doesn't have to be that bad. With the right attitude and discipline, you'll manage to obtain the figure of your dreams.

From the Description of “Summary of So You Want to Talk About Race”…

«White Supremacy is this nation's oldest pyramid scheme. Even those who have lost everything to the scheme are still hanging in there, waiting for their turn to cash out.» — Ijeoma Oluo
Ijeoma Oluo has the knack of turning an extremely serious topic in an humorous and informative experience. With her, you'll definitely learn a lot about race but you'll also have an amusing time doing it. In So You Want to Talk About Race she dares to answer the questions most Americans are scared to ask and talks about what we can do in order to minimize the racial divide that is currently alive in America.

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