Bella Merlin

The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit

A revised and updated edition of Bella Merlin's essential guide to Stanislavsky.
The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit collects together for the first time the terms and ideas developed by Stanislavsky throughout his career.
It is organised into three sections: Actor-Training, Rehearsal Processes and Performance Practices. Key terms are explained and defined as they naturally occur in this process. They are illustrated with examples from both his own work and that of other practitioners.
Each stage of the process is explored with sequences of practical exercises designed to help today's actors and students become thoroughly familiar with the tools in Stanislavsky's toolkit.
'Bella Merlin magically converts her extensive knowledge into real-world practice and on-the-floor technique. This new edition is a necessary and lively resource for any theatre practitioner.' David Chambers, Professor of Directing, Yale School of Drama.
'One of the essential books about acting for both professionals and students' brings new clarity to unlocking what Stanislavsky means for actors today.' Michael Earley, Principal, Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance.
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  • Anna Zaboevahas quoted5 years ago
    The main purpose of our art [is] to create the life of a human soul and render it in artistic form.
  • Anna Zaboevahas quoted5 years ago
    he challenge is to try and create a sense that every day’s training or rehearsal or performance could be a ‘holiday’. Or, to pick up a term from Peter Brook – a ‘holy’ day.
  • Anna Zaboevahas quoted5 years ago
    The more effortless you can be in your actor-training, the more pleasure you’ll take in your creative process.

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