Sarah Russell

The Bowel Cancer Recovery Toolkit

Sarah Russell aims to fill the gap in the patient pathway where there is little knowledge about rehabilitation and the benefits of exercise after abdominal surgery. Her research, based on a survey of 2700 patients, showed that people become less active and lose confidence after a cancer diagnosis, but being more active can in fact have disproportionately positive effects, with the power to rebuild confidence and self-esteem when most needed. There is also overwhelming evidence that exercise is one of the most effective ways to manage the side effects of cancer treatment — but what is safe and appropriate? Based on her research and long experience of working with stoma patients and others who have experienced abdominal surgery, Sarah sets out step by step what will help to regain fitness and with it a sense of wellbeing. This is a key part of the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative and therefore of increasing topicality as survival rates for cancer increase.
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