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Cassandra Clare

City of Bones

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    Geramynhas quoted7 years ago
    You cannot save others until you first save yourself
    Ulianahas quoted2 years ago
    There must have been something in her voice, because he turned to look at her. Her hand cracked across his face, a slap that rocked him back on his heels. He put his hand to his cheek, more in surprise than pain. "What the hell was that for?"
    Andrea Vergarahas quoted7 years ago
    The boy never cried again, and he never forgot what he’d learned: that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed.”
    Andrea Vergarahas quoted7 years ago
    “Is this when you start tearing strips off your T-shirt to bind up my wound?” she joked. She hated the sight of blood, especially her own.
    “If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked.”
    Andrea Vergarahas quoted7 years ago
    Jace’s face was more interesting. In daylight his eyes were the color of golden syrup and were … looking right at her.
    Andrea Vergarahas quoted7 years ago
    “We may be parabatai,” Alec said tightly. “But your flippancy is wearing on my patience.”
    Hhas quoted7 years ago
    “Drive like hell was following you.”
    Hhas quoted7 years ago
    Clary groaned. “You’re an idiot.”
    “I’ve never claimed otherwise.”
    Mariehas quoted7 years ago
    “I’ve got my own problems; I don’t need to be bothered with yours
    Mariehas quoted7 years ago
    “I was laughing at you because declarations of love amuse me, especially when unrequited
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