Seoras Wallace

Brigand Chief

Brigand Chief: After the senseless slaughter that cruelly visited the glen of Afton, home to William Wallace and Stephen of Ireland, the two young friends are all but mad with grief upon seeing the aftermath. William is torn between the need for revenge and retribution or seek refuge with his new bride Marion Braidfuite and protect her and their unborn child in the vast and ancient woodland of Galloway, the Wolf and wildcat forest, when news comes to him that his surviving family in the fortalice of Ach na Feàrna (Elderslie) has also been attacked.
Wallace, in his desperate rush to get back to Ach na Feàrna, has a chance encounter with Abernethy, the preceptor of the Knights Templar, forcing William on an important mission to the north to meet with Lord Moray, the Justiciar of Scotland. Meanwhile, the noose of Edward Longshanks is tightening around the neck of every freeborn Scot. King John Baliol has been all but emasculated by self-serving Scots nobles paid for with English gold, but King John secretly prepares to raise a people's army and fight back. Lord Moray tasks William with an important mission that inadvertently takes him into the realms of the underworld, where his real choices and paths of destiny are revealed to him by his mentors Leckie mòr and the mystic seer true Tam. William must make a life or death decision, to hide away with his love Marion or begin to fight back and seek justice for his murdered friends and family.
325 printed pages
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