Kari Kilgore

The Tech Empath

Jena loves her quiet, solitary life.

Protecting her extra senses from the noise and distraction of a big city and a bigger world keep her balanced and happy.

Then a devastating series of events forces her out of her safe zone forever.

Can Jena repair the damage before the world falls apart?

Also available in the Fantastic Shorts: Volume 3 collection.

An Excerpt from The Tech Empath:

An Unseen Beast That Touches Us All

Just before Jena went to sleep, her brother's warning about solar flares floated through her mind. She'd wondered before if Jake had a version of the same awareness she did, twisted into fear and conspiracy theories.

In any case, Jena hadn't altered her bedtime routine since the first time she'd sensed the electrical beast that hovered over and passed through the whole world. She touched her bedside lamp.

Not a sign of faltering in the power grid as far as she cared to feel.

All was well.

For now.
18 printed pages
Original publication



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