Matt Tamas

Reinvent Your Personal Safety

In Reinvent Your Personal Safety, Matt Tamas takes women through a proactive approach to personal safety, one that isn’t about honing technical moves or perfecting technique, but more about showing them how to work with their own body and mind, considering realistic scenarios, and training them to take appropriate action. Matt’s job, as a personal safety coach, is to not only give women the tools to fight back during an assault, but also to help them prevent themselves from being assaulted in the first place. The right action to take is often in advance of a likely violent encounter in order to avoid it altogether. The best way to protect one’s self is avoiding the situation in which she is forced to defend herself. Reinvent Your Personal Safety talks about the different ways this is possible, as well as about the best way to handle one’s self when violent confrontation simply cannot be avoided.
This is for the high-school girl, for the grandmother, for the young professional, for the working mother — anyone who is willing to overcome their limiting beliefs about what they’re capable of and key into what self-protection is really about. In reality, knowledge of the appropriate action to take in any given situation is worth scores more than athleticism.
150 printed pages
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