Black Silk, Judith Ivory
Judith Ivory

Black Silk

468 printed pages
As befitting her name, lovely Submit Channing-Downes was the proper, obedient wife of an aging Marquess--until her husband′s death left her penniless and alone…with one final obligation to fulfill. Entrusted with delivering a small black box to its rightful owner, she calls upon Graham Wessit, the notorious Earl of Netham, whose life has been marred by rumor and scandal. But Graham wants nothing to do w/ her gift. Fate however, has entwined these two lives in astonishing ways neither Submit nor Graham could ever imagine.
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Maria Morina
Maria Morinahas quoted2 years ago
was the reassuring, upper-class English myth: tradition. The illusion of wealth perpetual, past and present, as a way of warding off worries for the future.
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