Ernest Hemingway

In Our Time

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In our time Ernest Hemingway — in our time is a collection of 18 short stories that were first published by Ernest Hemingway in 1924. Told his in trademark terse, laconic style, each story vividly immerses the reader--from the trenches and battlefields of WWI to the bullfighting rings and tabernas of Spain. Each sentence exposes Hemingway's talent, and foreshadows his literary significance.

This special edition features high-definition illustrations curated by Lindsay Shayne, author of Seven Springs. Each carefully selected image brings the scene to life and enhance the settings which have been so artfully crafted by Ernest Hemingway. (1924 Edition).

When In Our Time was first published in 1925, it was widely praised for its simple and precise use of language to convey a wide range of complex emotions, and earned Hemingway a place among the most promising American writers of that period. In Our Time contains several early Hemingway classics, including the famous Nick Adams stories “Indian Camp” and “The Three Day Blow,” and introduces readers to the hallmarks of the Hemingway style: a lean, tough prose, enlivened by an ear for the colloquial and an eye for the realistic. His writing suggests, through the simplest of statements, a sense of moral value and a clarity of vision.
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