Deborah Roffey

Public Speaking Is A Skill, Not A Talent

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The 7 stages to effective communication
Public speaking is a skill, not a talent; it can be learned with practice and without leaving you trembling with fear. By following some simple, tried-and-tested strategies to gain confidence and improve preparation you will be speaking without fear in no time.
Public speaking opportunities can occur at any time and for any occasion. Social situations; job interviews; business presentations; ceremonies; a keynote address; whatever the occasion, this book will help speakers of all levels learn how to speak effectively.
Perhaps you’ve admired TED Talks speakers and yearn to be like them? Many are just like you — they had to start somewhere — and most have spent countless hours learning, preparing, and practising their craft before ever daring to step foot on the stage.
Fear can be overwhelming, so we begin with practising simple techniques to manage the fear of public speaking; the exercises can also be incorporated into everyday life to help deal with stress and anxiety.
Readers learn fundamental techniques to create, develop, and deliver an effective speech using an audience-centred approach. Readers learn the 7 stages of effective communication and how each building block works together to help convey the message interestingly, keeping listeners engaged, attentive, and on-side.
Techniques for effective communication are explained in layman's terms using examples that are easy to understand.
You will learn how to prepare a speech, from topic selection through to delivery and feedback, and how to remain audience-centred throughout, ensuring public speaking success.
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